5 Items for a Bridal Emergency Kit :: By Brittany Maio
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September 3, 2014
Dear Bride,
The wedding is almost here, YAY!!  You’ve been spending days, months or possibly even years planning out your special day. I’m sure you’ve thought about putting together a wedding day emergency kit and if you haven’t -definitely put the task of making one on your Maid of Honor’s to do list! There is nothing more calming than knowing you have a solution for everything that could possibly happen on your wedding day. The tricky part to making an emergency kit is knowing what to put in it and don’t worry there are lots of sites that have lists to give you some ideas. As a wedding photographer who has been to more than my fair share of weddings I have some suggestions that you may not have thought of.
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Here are my top 5 things that should NOT to be forgotten in your Bridal Emergency Kit:
Q-Tips : For that moment when happy tears begin to fall, you don’t want to smudge your make up! Tissues are great, but most wedding gowns don’t have pockets to put used tissues in. This is what makes q-tips the best, you can slip them right into your bouquet before the ceremony! You can pull it out to wipe your tears and slip it right back in when your done.
Double sided tape : You would be amazed at how many times I’ve used double sided tape to fix a crisis. From a fallen hem, to keeping your wedding band in the adorable glass holder you found on Etsy! There are so many little things that this sticky solution can help with. Just a few more examples: holding a garter in place, keeping a stray flower situated in your bouquet, or even patching a small hole in your dress liner! Never underestimate the power of two sided sticky!
Scissors : So you have your something borrowed and something old, but what about everything else being used on your wedding day? For a lot of brides, you’ve purchased a few new items for your special day. So make sure you have something to take those tags off. The most dangerous tag without scissors is always the veil, be sure you have something to snip those loose strings, tags and even to help bend a crooked earring stud back into place.
Crazy glue : This is another sticky one! Crazy glue is to fix the bigger things that the tape can’t. So when the knife to cut the cake with ends up broken, or when someone accidentally pops a stone out of your hairpin, when a heel breaks or any number of things happens- a few drops of this glue can keep your from getting stuck in a tough situation!
Band-aids : An oldie, but a goodie! Band-aids are a must! Blisters, small rub pains, poked fingers, paper cuts, or any number of little boo boos can be fixed with a simple band-aid! You would be amazed not that brides forget to pack these, but that they run out, so make sure to pack enough of these little helpers!
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I hope your wedding day doesn’t need any of these “emergency” items, but I hope you pack them just in case, I know they have saved the day for me!
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