Wedding Tips

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Hair & Make-up

Having hair and makeup come to you on your wedding day is a luxury worth investing in. Be sure to ask for an estimate of time for each girl and how many artists will be working for your wedding. Add an additional 30 minutes to the time they tell you to use as a cushion.

Welcome the Unexpected

Embrace your wedding day for what it is – a perfectly imperfect day. Things may run off schedule or the weather may have plans of its own. Embracing the unknown is what makes each wedding day unique.

Getting Ready

Early in the planning stages, decide whether you would like an exciting room full of friends and family or a quieter morning with only a few people. Both choices bring a different kind of energy to your wedding day. It is important to think about these options and what personally will fit your needs.

Engagement Session

As photographers, we want to tell the most authentic story possible and that starts with our relationship with you. The engagement session is like having a first date to help you get all of your jitters out. We view it as a rehearsal for your wedding day as we work through posing, verbal queues, and learning how to work seamlessly together. Wedding days are happy chaos and it truly does help to practice and it helps even more to know we have your back on a wedding day as your friends.

Church Ceremony

When booking a church, make sure to ask if photography is allowed and if there are any restrictions. It’s always important to familiarize yourself with the rules so that you can have more realistic expectations on the types of photos we will be able to achieve. No matter what the rules are, we will rock any situation we are given.

Brides Details

Having your pretty details together allows us to photograph them quickly and turn our focus to photographing the couple with people who matter the most to them. (Wedding rings, veil, shoes, jewelry, invitation suite, flowers, and any other details).

Wedding Timeline

2-3 months prior to your wedding, we will work together to customize a timeline unique to your wedding. We will organize the day, create a family shot list, and make sure to connect with you about the photos you desire. You can distribute this to the wedding party, your family and any other vendors to help your day go smooth.

Outdoor Ceremony

The best time for outdoor weddings is typically 2-3 hours before sunset. The light is perfect this time of day and also ensures you have enough sunlight for portraits and family photos. Having a first look can help you achieve a ceremony closer to the actual sun setting. We can help you with these details at any time.

First Look VS. No First Look

This is always a big question for most of our couples. Do we see each other before or when we see each other down the aisle? Often couples that feel super nervous or feel that they may be extra emotional and want to keep that intimate, will do the first look. Also, some choose to do the first look in order to knock out most of the photos before the ceremony allowing them time to attend their cocktail hour. Those who wish to forgo the first look, but still want to attend cocktail hour leave a 3-hour window between the ceremony and reception or understand they will miss a portion of their cocktail hour. We will help you customize a timeline to help you get everything you want from your wedding day.

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

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