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May 5, 2012

I think its super fabulous when Senior sessions are considered a family affair. This family was undeniably fantastic. We met up at the Stockyards in Fort Worth. Great grandpa, grandma, mom, little brother and her boyfriend. I felt at home as soon as I met them. Such a great way to start the evening off. Amber is another one of those amazing girls who knows what she wants and is comfortable to do just about anything! YES! Shalon (the boyfriend) came along for the trip and of course you all know I was going to be him to work. Cool, calm and a rockstar band member—-he was up for anything. The family headed out to sight see and have a bite to eat. Off we went to follow the so called “path” Bobby and I had scouted previous to them showing up.

The lighting this time of day is to die for. It’s creamy goodness. So we headed out and tried to get them to loosen up as we cracked jokes and got to know a little bit more about this young couple. The day seemed to fly by and we were having a blast!


We were on our way to the second location when we saw a perfect opportunity to Renegade shoot! It looked a little sketchy. but we were all super excited to do it anyway. We unloaded the car as fast as we could and set up the lights. Sometimes you have to take big risks to get great photos. This was one of those moments 🙂

I had spotted a great grassy area on the side of the highway. It was going to take prefect timing to get these shots. We needed about 20 minutes before the sun completely set to pull it off. We looked like crazy people on the side of the road and got plenty of Honks. I think we even started a game of How many honks we were getting 🙂

Big thank you to Shalon for helping out on the shoot and supporting his lovely girlfriend. You two were so much fun and we wish you nothing but the best!


Leaha & Bobby





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