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February 7, 2014

It has finally arrived- your wedding day. The happy chaos has ensued. Your wedding photographers show up and introduce themselves to the wedding party. Your hair is getting done and your make up is being applied. This is probably the first time you sat down all day. This is a good time to take a deep breathe and realize- you’re actually getting married! You have planned well and everyone is running around like busy bees doing their jobs and it is your job to chill and take a moment for yourself.

From this moment forward your are being photographed!

Here are some helpful tips to get amazing photos and help you be more aware of the camera to get those beautiful images you dream about. Live in the moment and soak it all in!


Getting Ready Tips

  1. If you can, sit next to a beautiful natural light window when possible with your hair and make up artist
  2. Have your hair stylist start first; Make up artists second
  3. Be aware when the camera is in the room with you. We typically start shooting you when your make up is being applied.


Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_283
Wedding Exit Wedding Send off Ideas by POPography.org_281

Getting the Bride Dressed Tips

  1. Again, find a beautiful natural window for the best images.
  2. Clear the room of clutter.
  3. Having all the bridesmaids dressed will free them up to help dress the Bride!
  4. Be authentically  in the moment with the ones you love. Relax.
  5. Sometimes brides will hold their dress up around the breast area while getting dressed. We suggest holding around the waist 🙂
  6. As photographers, we will help direct your eyes and help fine tune the photo to a make it look fabulous!


Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_285Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_284Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_286Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_287Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_288Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_282Wedding Exit Wedding Send off Ideas by POPography.org_280

Your Big Entrance as Man and Wife Tips

  •  Give your photographers time to set up their lighting!
  • Plan ahead of time what you want to do: Run in, hand in hand, a high five, go straight to your first dance, etc…
  • We choose to have photos being taken from the back of your entrance and the front! Be aware- we are everywhere!
  • Take your time and let everyone soak  all of your beauty in!
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First Dance Tips

  1. Sometimes when you talk you make weird faces for the camera and don’t even know it when you talk.
  2. “Smize” aka Smile with your eyes.
  3. Dance! Move around…but girls, try not to tuck your head into your groom where we cannot see your face! (this often happens in country style dancing)
  4. Focus on one another. This is the first dance of your married life! Everyone else can disappear for a few moments.
Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_290Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_293Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_294Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_295Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_297Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_296Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_299Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_300

 And Gentlemen

  • You are VERY aware of the camera, apparently! 😀
  • You are the perfect accessory to a beautiful bride.
  • PS: This photo CRACKS ME UP!
Bride Wedding Day Portaits by POPography.org_301


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