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June 17, 2012

Babies are one of the most exciting things in the world. The smell, the soft skin, the little bitty toes….. I love everything about babies. Newborn sessions have proven to be one of the most unpredictable sessions I have ever shot. I learned over time that no matter how well you prepare or plan  your session, it ultimately the session really depends on what the baby wants to do! So, I have learned to go with it. Just come prepared and see what kind of baby we have. Newborn sessions typically take 2-3 hours minimum. There are feedings, cuddling, posing, cleaning…..its a long process, but I always say that its worth all the work to get “THE” shot. Brody is the sweetest and cutest little boy you have ever seen. We originally came to his house at about 7 days old and he was NOT having it. After about 3 hours of no sleep and fussiness, we determined he was not in the mood and needed some mommy cuddle time. It’s like my camera was a morning alarm for him to wake up! And it probably didn’t help that he still had his days and nights mixed up 🙂

So, we gave it some time and rescheduled to meet at a good friends loft at Southside on Lamar. The family met me there and I was dragging in baskets, props and gear in hope of Brody’s sleepy photo shoot. This little boy was the ultimate challenge. Little did I know, but he was teaching me a big lesson. SLOW DOWN and LISTEN TO THE BABY! I realized that Brody didn’t want the cute little basket photo. He was not sleepy. He wanted to be where he was comfortable–with mommy and daddy! So, I switched things up and made this a family shoot. This is what he wanted all along- I just needed to listen to him.

This family is precious to me. I absolutely adore them. Congrats on your new family and this adorable child!!




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