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February 17, 2013

It was a cold 37 degrees as I sat in the warm sun waiting on this family to arrive. You wouldn’t think it was this cold looking at the photos! It seemed to warm up as soon as their smiles arrived. They darted across the street excited to see me and hugs all around. It just doesn’t get better than that. Downtown Roanoke is just adorable. I love Oak Street particularly in the early morning before people wake up and the business are still quiet. You can practically run in the streets…so I thought! The family was ready for their que as they lined up to walk across the street. I was laying on my belly in the middle of the street ready for a great shot when I hear a horn honk! Yep, there was a car directly behind me! I quickly got my shot and waved at the car as their window rolled down. The man laughed from the car window and told me that his wife was a photographer and always puts her life in danger. haha! I guess its in our nature to be dangerous! 🙂

I enjoyed our mini session together and I just want to say for the record- I love this family!




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