01.Living Memoir Project

Love your elders. We are so busy growing up;
we often forget they are also growing old.

I have a passion for preservation. I think we all do. We can all agree that there are people in our lives that we want to keep with us forever. We want to hold onto the very essence of the ones we love most. Life is very short and I, for sure, do not want to live with regrets. Together with families, I will encapsulate their loved ones through a sensory experience. They will hear, see, touch, and smell the story that is carefully curated to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

This project started from a very deep love for my Grandma. When I close my eyes and walk into my grandmother’s house, I immediately get a vision of her in the kitchen cooking, the sound of her voice, and the smell of her perfume when she hugs me. I can look around and see the details of her table, the chairs, the hallway to the bedrooms and her folding blankets that were used for napping. Grandma created a safe place in her home and in her heart for her family, making her one of my favorite people on the planet.


Our parents and grandparents are precious gifts to us all. As they get older, they gain wisdom and their testimony is enriched with life’s lessons. They deserve to be celebrated. They deserve to be heard. This legacy project will hold the stories and memories of your family never to be forgotten.

I will focus on collecting stories, taking photographs, and gathering tangible items that pay tribute to the beautiful life of your loved ones. From sun up to sun down I will document their day letting the conversations flow, the story unfold, and honoring their life through my lens.

If you thought of someone while reading this- I encourage you to reach out and see if your family is a good fit for this project. I’m so excited to hear from you.

I will be accepting 4 commissioned documentary projects for 2018.

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