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May 30, 2012

Every bride is on a budget. Photographers are on a budget. We are all on a budget!

Being a conscious spender and trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone is like an art that we all want to perfect. When planning your wedding day it is important to every bride that she puts her money where she sees value. Here at POPography we know that Photography & Video are most likely in the TOP 3 Most Important things to brides. We all know the photos and videos will be some of the only things we have left when the big day is over. It always pains me to see all of the amazing flowers being thrown into the trash after a gorgeous wedding. The flowers eventually will die….but the memories we provide will be passed from generation to generation.

When budgeting for a wedding you need to prioritize what you think its MOST important.

I loved this post: Spend on Whats Important!

As photographers and video dudes–we want to give brides options to create lasting memories, be unique and save money at the same time.

Hence why we love “SAVE THE DATE” Videos!


These are things everyone checks on….every day. Some of us check these before we even say good morning to our spouse! Being able to email, post, youtube and share your SAVE THE DATE video will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Then the video can serve as a keepsake that you will always have. To show your children..Grandchildren…and you can revisit it together again and again. We also use the video as an intro to your POPography Website. No more paper save the dates. You can be UNIQUE & GREEN! Fantastic.

Here is a great example of a SAVE THE DATE Video


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