Where is the best place to get ready on Wedding Day for photos?
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May 8, 2012

There are so many things to think about when preparing for your big day.  Cake decorators, venues, centerpieces for your tables…….and of course we know you want amazing photos! Brides usually choose to get ready in a hotel, their home or at the wedding site. The good news is that you can achieve amazing photos at any venue of your choice! Here are just a few pointers on what we look for as photographers to compose the best possible photos on your big day. Indoor photography can be tricky with lighting. The room may seem very orange or there may not be enough light. In this case most photographers would have to use a flash to compensate for these issues. Our photography team is looking for natural light. Natural light windows make for softer and more “Natural” photos 🙂 It is the most flattering light and I think you will see why we love it so much.

If you see me scouting on locations you probably wonder what is running through my mind. I have a serious look on my face and I’m probably chattering away about what you do for a living, where you got your cute shirt or how you met the love of your life. I promise I am not ignoring you, but at the same time I am looking for LIGHT! It’s a photographers best friend. Light is the one source (besides my camera) that creates amazing images. Yes, I may look a little crazy, but at least now you know what I am doing 🙂

The Power of a Window

1. MAKE UP- The bride is about 3 feet from the window. As you can see, the rest of the room was VERY dark. By placing her in front of the window at a 45 degree angle you are going to get a very dramatic photo. We always suggest that brides set up in front of the window with their make up artists.

The photos will be well lit and the bride will look amazing!


Here the bride was in a very cramped room. All of the bridesmaids and their belongings were in the room and we wanted to make sure the focus was on the bride. Directly in front of the bride was a natural light window. By slightly shooting upwards you can eliminate any of the distractions in the room (ie: clothing, people, clutter) And she looks amazing!

2. GETTING DRESSED- Again, natural light windows are always our first pick if it is available. In this case, the bride was getting dressed in a very small bedroom and it was only lit by 3 light bulbs on a ceiling fan (not flattering) After some convincing, we put her in this amazing room with windows surrounding her. She thought we were a little crazy at first, but the result was worth the move! I love the way she is lit from all sides. Gorgeous!

3. INDIRECT SOFT LIGHT- Portraits directly in the window light can be super romantic. I love the way she is almost glowing.  Again, windows are powerful portrait tools!

4. DUDES NEED LIGHT TOO!- Yes, even guys can benefit from a natural light window. Here the groom took a moment to write his bride-to-be a love note.  Again, when the subject is that close to the window it becomes very romantic and dreamy.

I love this portrait of Mark as well. The window was directly to camera left. The location would not have mattered to me. I was looking for amazing light and we found it!


I look for beautiful light on every session. This is a great example of another indoor shot from a newborn session. The huge picture window to camera right was the perfect light to show off baby Laila.


I challenge my brides and all clients to look for this beautiful light in the locations that you choose. It’s free, it’s gorgeous & you will look even more amazing! Can’t beat that! 🙂

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