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April 27, 2012

Chico had no idea what was happening when Bobby and I showed up to shoot Wednesday evening 🙂

We were driving quickly as to arrive before the client did. We always take about 15 minutes to scout locations and lighting. I like to call it my lighted road map. It makes things go seamlessly and allows for me to focus on connecting with my client and talking, of course! 😀 As were flying by I spotted 2 places on the side of the road–“OH SNAP, Bobby! That was a great location…oh and that too!”. We took note and headed towards the meeting spot. We thought about the locations and where the sun would be and just about that time the girls arrived. Hannah showed up looking cute as a button and brought some moral support from Kodi. Kodi had no idea how much work were going to be her up to! (THANKS AGAIN! You’re an excellent light bouncer!)

Right away we discovered how to make her laugh. Tell her to look serious, of course!

This girl is a natural beauty and I was eager to find out what she wanted to study in college. CHEMISTRY? Love it. Brains & Beauty! We had some fun shooting in the beautiful light on the square in Chico.

As I had mentioned before–I had spotted some cool places when driving by on the HWY. I wasn’t 100% sure of what I saw, so taking the client there was a huge risk. But like I always say—its not location as much as it is GOOD LIGHT. Photography is light 🙂 She changed into her rockin’ yellow dress and we had some fun. When we arrived the old gas station was attached to someones home. The girls looked a little worried that I would have the guts to walk up to told beaten up home with the door wide open. Sometimes a photographer has to do what a photographer has to do! So I bravely marched up the ramp and knocked on the screen door that was swung open. There sat a woman in a chair with piles of things all around her. She wasn’t startled and quite frankly–I don’t think she even knew what I was saying. But she gave me the nod and waved to me. I gave the girls a thumbs up and we started shooting. Sometimes you have to take risks to get a great place to shoot.

We were feeling pretty excited about this location, but I knew the sun was JUST RIGHT for where we were going next. I wasn’t totally sure where I had seen it, but the light was going to allow for some amazing images. We drove slow on the side of the road until I saw what I had remembered as a trail leading into the sun. YES—this was definitely it. We all jumped out and Miss Hannah changed into her boots. PERFECT for the scenario. Sunny goodness! We were about 3 minutes into shooting when a car pulled over and warned us this was private property and heavily watched. She waved us to finish up, but to not be surprised if security showed up to question us. Everyone looked at me as to what to do— and of course I said we should keep shooting and work FAST! 😀 A company there in Chico protects those giant mounds of rock and dirt behind her. I never knew dirt and rocks were so valuable! Am I missing something here?? ha

All photographers have dream shots. Things that think up over time and then you just sit and wait for the perfect time that you get to shoot it. WELL, that happened to me this week. Last year I was looking for a senior who ran track. I wanted to do something closer to what a Nike ad would look like. Powerful, dramatic and something that you want to go back and look at again and again. I was so excited when Hannah said she was in Track and Field. Yippeee! I love the way her sports images came out.

And my favorite photo!

Thank you Hannah for allowing me to be crazy and set up all the lighting. You look amazing and we can’t wait to see where life takes you, sweety!

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