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May 16, 2013

Ding Ding! Round 1- GO!

This is a long story, but I will try and keep it brief. GOOD LUCK, Leaha! OK, back in the day I was part of a network of dance music folks. We were global and all shared a genuine love for electronic music. I had friends from all over the world that still to this day I have never met. Dennis Lowrey was one of those people aka Marley’s dad. We were great friends during my younger years and he was a great encourager for me. My life was a hot mess and I went through many struggles as a young mom. I can remember the uplifting talks from Dennis and our friendship that started on AIM. Yep, AIM. Many years have passed and our girls are both grown up. When I moved up to New Jersey a few months ago it was a no brainer- we just had to meet. Finally, after all these years of internet talks and phone calls over miles and miles, we were able to meet! He brought his amazing daughter and beautiful wife over to our home. We have literally seen each other the past 3 weekends! It truly is a treat to have someone in your life for over a decade. It’s a true commitment on both ends to keep a friendship alive. I am very grateful. I now have a new 3 new friends! SO AWESOME.

Marley is just simply, RAD. We did a two part photo shoot due to the crazy Philly weather! Philly is colorful just like Marely. Named after THE Bob Marley, she sports a unique style and is one of a kind. She has a great heart for her city and was proud to show me around. We hit one of the more popular streets in Philadelphia called South Street. This is the city where spray paint tagging was first started! Everything was covered in tags, art, “slap” stickers and beautiful art. She confidently led us down the streets to some of her favorite spots with her blue hair blowing in the wind. Their love for the city started to rub off on us! It was like being on our own private tour! The entire trip with her was rememberable and fun.

Congrats to Marely on graduating high school and we can’t wait to watch you succeed in California! Go get ’em girl.


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