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December 6, 2012

What is in a ring? Obviously, a diamond! As little girls we would stare or fiddle with our moms as we sit bored waiting. As young girls we would dream of our wedding day and the man who would give us this ring. Then as young adults we ooh and ahh at everyone’s gorgeous engagement ring and wish them well in their marriage. And finally, it becomes your turn. Your turn to pick the perfect setting, the cut, the brilliance and all that other fun stuff. Guys get really into the details of this ring- after all they are spending a small fortune on it. Most girls know what the center cut will be and then the rest can be determined either bravely by the man or by many fun shopping trips at the jewelry store!

My Engagement Ring- Jeff and I went shopping together. We actually went to a discount place so we could get the most bang for the buck. I have been been married once before when I was younger and had worn a 1 carat ring for several years. So, when we went shopping I warned Jeff that I wanted something that was large and let everyone in the room know I was taken. He totally agreed until he saw the price.

My philosophy– It was easy in my mind. Round Cut, 2 carat, and a setting that made it stand off of my finger for everyone to see! Easy Peasy!

Jeff’s philosophy– One single diamond of a good size and no other diamonds to distract from how beautiful it is. He believes it should be the rarest diamond you can afford (aka the Size!) and no distractions around it.

We combined our likings into my perfect ring 🙂

It is a forever symbol of the commitment, love, forgiveness and covenant you will make before God. 🙂 Happy Engaging!

And thank you to all the beautiful couples who allowed us to shoot their wedding day and these amazing rings!


Leaha & Jeffrey

*Ring shots by both Jeff and myself. Shot with the Canon 100mm 2.8!






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