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April 13, 2012

I’m sitting here watching the cursor blink as I try to think where to start a blog post like this. How do you start to talk about shooting your best friend of over 20 years wedding? It’s a bit overwhelming. I suppose I should start with a photo.


Lynsey and I met in the 7th grade. Frizzy hair and super dorks. She had moved from out of town and I just embraced her. I know some people think they are supposed to marry their ‘soulmate’, but I believe Lynsey is mine. From the moment we met we were stuck like glue. We took our own path. This photo sums it up. We were cheerleaders on a squad, but always seem to be off doing our own thing…wearing our socks to our knees….and defying the high school drama. I do not want to know what life without Lynsey looks like. That’s not even an option. We have seen the highest of highs together and the lowest of lows. She is my kindred spirit. She is my best friend.

You can only imagine what I felt when she asked me to shoot her wedding day. It wasn’t even a question in my mind. The only thing that seemed crazy was driving to Arkansas where she is now living. ROOOOOOAD TRIPPPPPP! We loaded the car with the POPography team and hit the trails. I don’t thin that car was silent for one minute. There are perks to working with your best friends 🙂

I suppose I shall not leave out Brian. He changed my best friends life forever. She had been practicing her whole life to love this way. He is an award winning body builder & nutritionist! Would you believe Lynsey once did power lifting? Its like a match made in heaven I tell you!! I appreciate Brian and love him very much. He makes my best friend truly complete.

It was a beautiful and crazy day. Everything was going PERFECT until the rain confused my brain. Lynsey, Brian & the boys packed up to head to the reception site and the POPteam jumped in the car. I remember coming to a cross road in the mountains and Jeff asking which way to go. I said “GO RIGHT, I promise I’m correct”. Those were my famous last words. 10 minutes later…..”This doesn’t look right”….”Oh no, this is not right”… To sum it up quickly- we were going the wrong way and fast! So, I let the boys take over, but unfortunately there was no cell service because we were up in the mountains! DARN AT&T! Then we found our way back to the correct road, but yet again took another wrong turn. We ended up in MISSOURI!!!!!!! The reception was in full swing and here were the photographers and video team stuck in another state! I was in full panic mode when the phone ran and Lynsey said everyone was looking for us and they were ready to cut the cake! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally got there and did the best we could to catch up. It all works out in the end.

I love you Lulu and Brian. Congrats on beautiful day and an amazing marriage!



Venue: Mildred B Cooper Chapel   // Bentonville AR


Klayton, Kade & Bo are Lynsey’s 3 boys. They are stinkers and it was fun letting them be true to themselves 🙂

After the reception we took some time to walk around their hotel. It always makes for good photos and fun when the bride and groom are willing to spend a little extra time to do some fun shots!

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